Interview with Georgeta Neagu, President of the Spes et Sanitas Association

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  1. How was the the year 2017 for the mission of Spes et Sanitas Association? Can you make a retrospective?

As in previous years, this year we continued the series of actions to support both the elderly community with social problems, from Domnesti, and the children with neuromotor disorders at the Aurora Center.

Also is very important to note that we have provided and we continue to provide financial support to colleagues in the company that are in distress or have special needs.

  1. What are your prospects for 2018?

We will continue, as we have been doing for over 6 years, to support the two disadvantaged communities (the children and the elderly), bringing together with our donors, who have become our “heroes”, a plus of health, comfort and joy to those you are in distress.

  1. What message do you wish to send to all those who contributed to the implementation of the association’s projects?

Our renewed thanks for their support and contribution over the years in implementing the projects of SPES ET SANITAS, demonstrating solidarity in supporting our objectives, without which we would not have been able to bring light and hope to the existence of our peers.

We also ensure them that we keep full transparency with all the projects initiated and developed by the Association.

  1. Can you tell us in a few words what does this charity work means for the people in need and for the society?

We believe that through involvement and continuity, we can respond in a fairly large extent to the real needs and expectations of these two communities, bringing more joy and hope in the lives of the less favored. Their thanks, the broad smile we receive, are of great value to us, the Spes et Sanitas members, reinforcing our conviction that we are doing well what we are doing.

  1. How can other people support the projects of Spes et Sanitas, if they wish to?

First of all, by redirecting the 2%, by completing and submitting the 230 form to the benefit of our Association, but also by offering sponsorship from companies by donating the 20% ​​of the profit tax.

  1. What message do you want to send at the start of the new year for the Spes et Sanitas community?

Happiness, joy and fulfillment alongside your loved ones! May love, wisdom, trust and generosity guide your steps through the new year!