We take responsibilities in communities' life, by:

  • Supporting rural communities to recover from flooding damages (2009 – 2010);
  • Granting financial support to disabled children with hearing aid devices (2011) and neuro-motor syndrome (2010 – present);
  • Assisting a community of seniors hosted in a hospital near Bucharest (2011 – present).as well as other social responsibility projects, in association with SPES ET SANITAS, a non-profit organization developing programmes for supporting less favoured communities.


BSS supports projects Spes et Sanitas Association projects

Established at the initiative of some good-hearted BSS colleagues, Spes et Sanitas Association is a NGO specialized in designing and implementing the social responsibility projects aiming for:

  • support of at least two less-favoured communities: a) "Aurora Day Centre" in Bucharest, a specialized structure in supporting educational and remedials for over 20 children with neuro - motor issues and b) "Ilfov County Medical Centercare for chronically ill" for 50 elderly people with social and health problems;
  • helping individuals with specific problems, disadvantaged and in difficulty (both those with serious health problems and their family members);
  • collecting and distributing means of individual mobility (i.e.wheelchairs) and other means of support for people with disability.

Supporting children with special needs

Because we know what it means to help with what is really needed, when needed, Spes et Sanitas conducted in February 10, 2014 a charitable activity by donating hygiene, sanitary and educational products to the benefit of children cared for at the Aurora Centre. The bulk of the money needed to purchase these products resulted from the 2% tax for 2012, meant for the Association by BSS employees.

Helping children through Spes et Sanitas

For BSS, social projects for disadvantaged communities are of particular importance, hoping to add a touch of wellness in the lives of those in need. Thus, we have financially supported the participation of a group of children with disabilities in a specialized camp organized at the seaside by the Association of Physically Disabled Children Support - Romania. For 7 days, children have benefited from specialized assistance in recovery activities, and parents attended educational counseling and motivational support.