BSS supports high school students through the “Star Electricians” project

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Following the growing demand for electricians received from several local companies, the Energy Technical College will form a class for the training of future professionals, starting this September.

The “STAR Electricians” project is addressed to the students from this college during the school year 2021-2022, and aims to achieve a special class of dual education in the electrical field.

Together with the Austrian Embassy (Advantage Austria) and three Austrian private companies, including BSS, the national authorities (Ministry of Education and Research, Sector 5 City Hall) have developed the dual STAR training program.

BSS will ensure the practical training through a tutor, Specialized Engineer in Installations, according to the educational curriculum, for five students enrolled in the “STAR Electricians” program.

The registered students will also benefit from monthly scholarships, prizes depending on the obtained results, but also free public transport.

The received diploma upon graduation from STAR is internationally recognized in the EU. The registration will take place in two stages: stage I – period 5-8 July 2021, stage II – period 22-26 July 2021. In addition, the graduates of the program will have priority in employment in the partner companies.