Remote technical consulting with XpertEye Advanced Glasses

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BSS takes another step towards digital transformation by purchasing a top-notch equipment that improves the technical maintenance performance: XpertEye Advanced glasses from AMA.

Smart XpertEye Advanced glasses are a high-tech device that allows remote assistance, connecting the technician operating on site with the professional or professionals needed in specialized cases. The implementation of this technology has multiple benefits, guaranteeing immediate intervention, according to regulations in force and under strict supervision of the authorized personnel, fully monitoring of the entire process. These aspects not only reduce travel costs and thus the carbon footprint, but primarily allow for promptness, minimizing the risks and costs associated with reactive maintenance.

With this new device, Technical Facility Management becomes a more efficient process, performed in minimal time, all operations being saved and recorded in detailed reports, accessible in the digital platform. Applications of XpertEye Advanced glasses are multiple, covering areas in power management, HVAC, various equipment, plumbing, building structures, architecture, etc.

One device, maximum benefits:

Fast functions

  • It quickly and remotely connects the technician on site with professionals
  • It shows the problem through the camera built into the smart glasses and allows remote expertise for fixing all technical problems/issues.

Operational advantages

  • Optimize workflow and resources
  • Reduces incident resolution time
  • Facilitates decision making and optimal solutions
  • Provides easy accessibility through digitized worklists
  • Ensures a secure connection
  • Allows integration with online CRM platforms
  • Usable on a wide range of devices – smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Enables instant messaging, one-to-one HD video calling and conferencing
  • Function of annotations on screenshot
  • Incorporates online booking and scheduling processes
  • Includes geolocation

Physical advantages

  • Water, shock and dust proof device.
  • Long battery life
  • Compatible with goggles or eyeglasses, fit for helmet
  • Remote camera management (zoom, shooting, flashlight)
  • Operates hands-free and by voice control

The application range of XpertEye Advanced Glasses is huge and exceeds processes limited to the technical field, representing an smart addition, with great potential, for the BSS equipment range and ensuring increased efficiency in Facility Management processes.

Currently they are extremely useful in situations when field staff need specialized support, consulting or real-time collaboration with remote specialists (not present on site), for activities like:

-preventive maintenance

-corrective maintenance

-technical inspections

-technical audit

-training for equipment operation and control

We constantly keep evolving in line with latest technological developments and we adopt digital solutions to guarantee efficient Facility Management services for our clients. Moreover, constantly open to innovation, we offer our specialists a modern, secure work environment.

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