Drone Inspection

The drone is an optimal solution for technical inspections because it allows the verification of large areas, in a short time, and hard to reach places.

This option guarantees a much faster and more efficient technical inspection service. Equipped with specific technologies, the drone records the parameters of the building and helps to issue a complete report of the situation. Thus, it is possible to intervene much faster, and the damages and implicit costs are minimized.

The drone can be controlled by a single operator, outside the building, without creating interruptions in the daily activity. Thus, it is also a way to perform an inspection in a much safer and risk-free way for the staff.

High resolution thermal imaging camera, sensors and high performance flight system are the innovative technologies through which this drone improves the technical inspection process and allows us to efficiently perform the following operations:

  • Roof technical inspection
  • Heat loss check
  • Thermal insulation sealing check
  • Checking the roof insulation membrane
  • Checks for smoke

Here you can see how this operation goes live - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjMAmmWr8eA&t=26s&ab_channel=BSS