Property and Asset Management

Main activities performed by the BS property manager within his area of responsibilities include:

  • Serving as interface between owners, tenants and authorities;
  • Contract management, invoicing on client's behalf and consumption distribution;
  • Cost and quality control;
  • Support in space handover and rental;
  • Financial management and reporting;
  • Delivering monthly / quarterly or annual property reports;
  • Periodical reconciliation of tax services;
  • Management of emergency situation plans and building use regulations;
  • Measurements’ supervision and utilities consumption assessment;
  • Services for location support, promotion and renting;
  • Briefings on issues associated with the building, response actions and associated costs;
  • Drawing up the tenant handbook;
  • Drawing annual budgets for building maintenance.
Property Accounting
  • Service Billing - rental, operating expenses, utilities, bank guarantees, other on request;
  • Updating invoices and receipts books - Invoicing List;
  • Issuing notifications regarding indexing, adjustments, overdue bills, penalties, bank guarantees etc.
  • Monthly and quarterly reports - drawing Tenant List, Budgeting, Cash Flow;
  • Reconciliation estimates (quarterly) and final yearly reconciliation.
Benefits from working with BSS property managers
  • Guaranteed accuracy and fairness;
  • Certified competences;
  • Proactive collaboration with building owners.